Wednesday, November 4

Colorado Trees Series

The Colorado Trees Series was inspired by my trip to Colorado in 2009. Camping and hiking in the wilderness was truly an amazing experience.

The Colorado Pine Scene is hand welded from recycled rusted steel. Designed just for display and decoration, this handmade display will make a great addition to your holiday or everyday decoration.

Each branch hand cut from a old rusted garden fence. They entire display is clear coated to protect from further rusting.

Size: 10 1/2 inches wide :: 7 inches tall

:: Please note that each scene is handmade and WILL differ from the picture. Just like trees in the forest no 2 are alike.


Sandi said...

Such imagination - well done!

paintingpam said...

You are so right--no two tress in the forest are alike, and so no two artists think alike either.

timothy said...

Thanks Sandi!

Original Hardware Jewelry said...

Being a Coloradan, I can attest to how this beautiful place inspires artistic design.
These are fabulous Timothy!

timothy said...

Thanks Carrie!! That is cool to hear from a Coloradan

Jenny said...

I've been to Colorado, and have done some hiking and rock climbing there. It's such a pretty place, and would inspire anyone! Very cool trees.

Nature Manipulated said...

Love these trees! Great new series.

Nature Manipulated

timothy said...

For sure Jenny! thanks

timothy said...

Thanks Michelle!!

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