Friday, November 6

ArtFire’s Anniversary Special

ArtFire’s Anniversary Special: Allowing Members to Pre-Purchase and Save Launches new Payment Option for Pro Members

Tucson, Ariz. – To celebrate their one year anniversary, has announced the Anniversary Special, which allows users to pre-purchase a Pro account at a discounted rate. However, they are only offering this option to the first 500 members to take advantage of the deal.

Previously, ArtFire Pro accounts were available for a monthly subscription only, with Pro members paying a flat rate of $12 a month (ArtFire also offers free unlimited listings to its Basic seller accounts). This pre-purchase option will allow members the opportunity to pay $100 for an entire year of membership. This allows users to save over 30% or $44 per Pro account.

ArtFire plans to allow for more pre-purchase opportunities in the future, including options for quarterly payments for all members interested in the program. However, this Anniversary Special is only open to the first 500 to register for this pre-purchase option. Future regular pre-payment options will not have such a substantial discount.

“We couldn’t have come this far and been so successful without our artisan members,” said John Jacobs, CEO of ArtFire. “This special will help reward them for working with us to build this wonderful community and allow us to grow even further in 2010.”

A Little More about ArtFire is the premier artisan marketplace online. Although ArtFire has only been in open beta for one year, they’ve seen phenomenal growth in that time. In just one year ArtFire has grown to 50,000 members with 700,000 products listed and more than $1.5 million in product sold by artisans. These numbers make ArtFire the most successful artisan marketplace ever launched. To celebrate this success, ArtFire is offering their artisans a way to save money as well as time with their Anniversary Special.

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