Friday, August 21

Multiple Streams of Income (online class)

Attention Artists and Crafters!

  • Are you struggling to make a living doing what you love?
  • Do you feel like you are working all the time and getting nowhere?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed and confused about all the ways artists and crafters can make money?
  • Are you always jumping from one idea to the next without following through on anything?
Here is a list of the Experts Laura is bringing in for this amazing 24 day course!!
Teaching Workshops and Classes-Claudine Hellmuth
Licensing Your Artwork-Tara Reed
Selling Online-Tim Adam
Illustrating Children's Books-Priscilla Burris
Getting Your Craft Book Published-Kelly Snelling
Being a Professional Craft Designer-Madeline Faiella

To sign up for Laura's online course visit her site HERE


Laura Bray said...

Thanks Tim!

Kylie B said...

Oh wow Thanks Tim, I have bookmarked it defently be doing it :)

redlinc said...

Thanks! this is just what I need to get focused

cccraftstudio said...

Sounds very interesting. I'd love to hear what people think after they finish the course.

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