Friday, July 10

Understanding Google Analytics: Etsy Traffic

If you are like me you love to look at numbers. But seeing traffic stats and numbers is more than fun, it is a vital part to running a online business. Google Analytics is a powerful tool that we as shop owners can use to track traffic trends and much more.

Before you can start seeing all this valuable info you have to install Google Analytics in your Etsy Shop. Here is a short video walk through that explains the install process step by step...

Google Analytics is full of info that you could be using to grow your business. Here are two indepth videos that are geared toward our Etsy shops.

If you are wondering how to track what time of day you should be renewing and relisting....well you can track your traffic time trends with Google Analytics for your Etsy Shop.... Here is a super short how to on how you can track time trends in your shop:

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If you have found a site/blog that has helped you understand Google Analytics better please post it HERE in the Etsy Forums.




JanelDudleyBeads said...

This is all very, very helpful! Thank you for taking time to provide all of these links and information!

:) Janel

springcolors said...


I wonder if I use GA correctly.

I use it for:

1. to know when to list (when the most visitors in my shop).

2. which website gets me the most traffic, so I can concentrate my promo efforts with those sites.

any more idea how to benefit GA's info?

Anonymous said...

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Kylie B said...


Thanks for the Post!

KarenHarveyCox said...

Thank you for this. You are amazing. I also love love your new singer series necklace. I heard your interview with Alison Lee. I admire your energy and passion for what you do.


Letterpress Light said...

Love your stuff as always, it has been very helpful to me!
One thing I've been wanting to point out about your Google Analytics advice (which is great!) is a point about judging when to re-list.
Don't forget that re-listing itself will get you more traffic. So, the time you choose to re-list will be self-reinforcing in terms of when you see the most traffic. If your first view of traffic shows most people come at 4pm, you'll start listing at 4pm, and you'll see more hits then because that's when you re-list!
A more accurate gauge would be to experiment with different times of day and see when the highest hit payoff is. You might actually get more traffic if you re-listed at a different time, but wouldn't know it because your *relative* number of hits will always be higher at the time you decide to relist.
Hope that makes sense!

skinner studio said...

Fantastic information. All the links and videos are great. Thanks Tim!

Anonymous said...

Letterpress Light - I couldn't agree more .. I renew or list twice a day, both morning & afternoon and always at different times ..

I have found it brings more traffic in general, though it depends on the product itself you are listing as to how many hits you receive ..

Katherine - search The Savannah Room

Anonymous said...

Eek - the first two links are broken!

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