Friday, July 3

Picture Perfect 2.0

Jen Kiaba and I are planning a chat all about photography - especially geared towards artisan who are selling their work online. The date is set for this Wednesday @ 9pm. So now we want to know - what is it you want to know!!! Leave your questions in the comments below! Don't forget to sign up for the reminder! For even more info on this chat.. check out Jens post on her blog HERE

Jen is a professional photographer feel free to check out her sites:

5 comments: said...

Looking forward to more good stuff from you Tim!
Thanks again

KimberlyRose said...

sounds interesting! I'll try to make it!

Coco Kulkarni said...

Looking at some good photos on Etsy, it appears as if the photos are a bit underexposed with some shadows. Is this more desirable than even lighting all across? said...

Jen & Tim, you did it again. What a great chat, so much good stuff. I learned two things...good photos sell, and now I have a GOOD excuse to get the whizbang Nikon, whooo hooo!!!! Naw, really, Tim, your point and shoots are really good too!
Now I have my light box and can really see the difference in the before and after. Back to the photo booth for more work.

Thanks again, you're the tops!!!

Linda said...

I often critique Etsy shops and I know many jewelers and those who work with glass find it hard to make the jewels and glass "sparkle."

I suggest they allow the light *through* the item rather than lay it down on a dark background.
That helps, but a professional's input would be MOST appreciated.

Will this be available in written form like the Town Hall meeting Tim? I gave a link to that in my Etsy team (Collaborators,)much appreciated.

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