Thursday, June 18

Handmade Town Hall Meeting: Etsy SEO? (Finding Traffic Alternatives)


jennamichelle said...

I feel like I was there! Haha. Thank you so much for keeping the entire session so that it can be reviewed. I'm tweaking my shop right now. I already shortened my titles & changed my tags yesterday (man I'm glad that I don't have a million items up right now; that would've taken FOREVER!). It's frustrating to me that I didn't even realize that things had changed, & that's why my views & sales had majorly slowed. Man did I pick a GREAT time to stop staying up all night in the forums, geeze (sarcasm, obviously).
Anyway Timothy, thank you for this! Off I go to change those silly category names which I didn't realize weren't helping me!

Jenna :)

timothy said...

You bet Jenna!

Linda said...

It was a terrific meeting. I haven't watched his video yet, but I learned so much at he meeting.

Caroline said...

That was a fantastic read Timothy!! I finally sorted out in my head all the different areas (meta titles etc..) and how to use them properly!
I have made changes to my shop and will be working on the listing gradually!
Thanks so much for your time and your brain- it rocks!!

Linda said...

Many thanks for recording this. I'm directing my Collaborators Team to it, plus tweeting.
Today my items are prefixed with Handmade Paper Goods on Etsy....when searched for in Google.
Good points, some of which I do already, but off to tweak my shop.

forrestina vintage said...

Just went through my shop yesterday and removed the word 'vintage' from all my titles since Etsy already had 'vintage' in their pre-title text. Now the issue is fixed, the stuffage text is removed, and that means I need to go back and put the word 'vintage' into all my titles again. *sigh*

My page ranks are doing well. Vintage shop = 1, Photo shop = 2, Vintage blog = 2, Photo blog = 2. Not bad at all.

Someone in an Etsy forum said that Google Base is only effective for searching Google Stores--do you know if that is true? They also said that uploading Etsy items into Google Base is not the same as to Google Search. Does this make sense to you, Timothy? If yes, please explain.

Tina aka forrestina vintage & pfeiffer photos

Andria said...
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Andria said...

Tim, I attended and can't thank you enough for hosting this town meeting which I got a lot out of it. Been working on my meta tags. So far, no fact, stats show another drastic plunge in hits for Guess I need to study up some more, but at least it feels good to know what I'm aiming for. I linked back to this chat from my own blog, You're the best!

Anonymous said...

Wow this was really amazing. I took in a lot have made some changes to my shop. I still have to go through the Titles and tags to make sure everything is consistent. Thanks again.

Ren said...

Thanks again, Tim. This is great information. You are always on top. I do most of this already, but tweeking always helps.

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