Thursday, April 23

Handmadeology Promo Challenge (Round 2)

Handmadeology Promo

Handmadeoloy is holding another Promo Challenge. The first Promo Challenge was a great success with 5 of the top promoters winning ads on Timothy Adam's blog. Now that Handmadeology is in full swing with loads of great info, it is time to Spread the Word!!

What is in it for the winners?
The Top 5 Promoters will receive a one month ad space on
Handmadeology is the leading source for Etsy and Art Fire lessons. You will find over 20 videos, helpful insider Etsy tips, Art Fire lessons and a great forum to connect and promote your handmade goods. Handmadeology is currently seeing over 5000 visitors per week, and just hit a Google Page rank of 4 in only 3 months.


There is only 1 step get in the running for one of the 5 advertising spots.

1. You must write at least one blog post about Handmadeology. This post must be positive and
have a link to

^^^This is the minimum requirement!^^^

Here are some things you can do to help your chances of winning!!!!
To win you must be one of the top 5 promoters.... I will be tracking the stats through Google Analytics to see what blogs are bringing the most traffic.

You can promote on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace,Etsy forums, Indiepublic,, send out e-mails anywhere you can think of promoting..just make sure they are clicking through your blog to get to Handmadeology....
You can also write as many blog posts as you like and mark them on Social Bookmarking sites.

The 5 top promoters will be determined on April 30th. Each winner will receive a month ad space on worth $60.

Each blog post that is written (winners and non-winners) will be book marked and will see an increase in traffic to their blog. I will also be promoting each blog post on all of my Twitter channels>> @timothyadam and @handmadeology @findinghandmade 12,000+ followers combined.
I will also be posting links to your blog post on the Handmadeology Facebook page 850+ members

Once you write your blog post post your blog here in the comments so i can check it out!
Thanks and good luck

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Mee a Bee said...

Hi Timothy! I'm pretty excited about my post

I hope it gets lots of clicks!

timothy said...

Cool!! great article.. I just Retweeted all over! good luck!

bubbachenille said...

Hi Timothy, just blogged about your post and comp.

Hope this helps get traffic..

balanced. said...


And tweeted!

Grah-Toe Studio~Kim and Stacy said...

HI! I blogged today and have in the past as well! I am areal fan and tahnk you, Timothy Adams for all your hard work and sharing your knowledge with us!
Goodluck everyone!lets spread the word!!

Knitz And Feltz said...

Hi Timothy~
I'm a pretty small fish in this big blogging sea so my post may not be seen by many but you are a terrific wealth of information and I thank you for being so willing to share! You can check out my blog about handmadeology at

TreasuresFromHawaii said...

Hey Tim! Here's are amazing with your never-ending sources of kindness in giving back to others...God bless...Dava

Jenny Irene said...

Thanks for doing this, Tim! I've been meaning to post about your amazing site for a while now and this was just the kick in the pants that I needed!

Hand Knitted Things said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hand Knitted Things said...

Hi Timothy, thought it was time I did something with the very good information you have been sending me via the newsletter. Here's a link to the blog post I've done about Handmadeology.

♥SimaG Jewelry♥ said...

Hello Timothy,

I love your blog!!
I just blogged about you!

made with LOVE,

DPGreen Designs said...

I'm fairly new to Etsy and just really getting started with my blog but I'm excited about the opportunity to write about handmadeology as my first regular daily post. Here is the link:

Thanks :)

Aridan Fashions said...

Hi Timothy,

I posted at

This gets fed to my Twitter and Facebook networks as well.

Have a great one,


Justine said...


just wrote about you on my blog, im still a great fan of yours!

and for the people who feel like shopping:

Lenox Knits said...

I'm in. I just blogged about you and everything you have going on right now:
I'll be tweeting, stumbling, and whatever method I can to promote it later tonight!

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