Tuesday, April 14

Etsy Shop Critique

I am looking for a few Etsy shops to critique. I will also be looking at their blogs and giving advice on some social marketing techniques. The critique will last about 30-45 mins via teleconference. The Etsy shops chosen will also receive a video critique, covering the info in the conference.

There a few requirements:

1. Must have an etsy shop and a blog
2. Must have at least 20 sales on Etsy
3. Leave a comment here in the forums>> Here
4. Leave a comment on this blog post telling me why you would like a critique.




Linda said...

I would like your critique to improve my visibility, my shop, and to share your wisdom with others.

Nancy @ La Chambre Rose said...

I have been looking for someone to critique my etsy shop, and couldn't have a better person to do it! This is my job, and I have to be the best possible. I have tons more items to put in my etsy shop, but until I make some sense out of it, have been holding back.

Studio618 said...

Can't I still qualify if I only have 17 sales? I thought I really need a critique for the lack of sales. Please? It would be so fantastic if you can give me feedback. I'm like Nancy, with tons more items I can post to my etsy shop but holding back as well.

marybeth said...

I am at a crossing point in my Etsy shop where I need to decide if it is time to separate my vintage from my photography. I feel stuck and a bit confused. A critique from experienced and knowledgeable you, would be divine!
I thank you kindly for the considerations,

Anonymous said...

Timothy...I'd really appreciate you taking some time to critique and therefore improve both my exposure and my sales. I have a deep belief I'm on the journey I was meant to be on. I don't pretend to understand this new techno marketing era, but I'm sure willing to learn. I just received your 'Blogging Essentials' and I'm so open to a critique of my blog as well. I refuse to be defeated!

Jewelicide said...

Hi! I would like to know what I could do to improve my shop. I'd like to know if my pictures are ok and how I can attract more shoppers. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I would really like to make a go of my Etsy jewelry shop and a critique from someone who has been so successful would be a step in the right direction. I would like to know if my pictures are good enough; are my prices too low/high; is my jewelry appealing?



The Muddy Moose Bath Boutique said...

I have honestly been looking for some critique. I have been doing things to try to improve my shop and blog...but I am wanting to kick it up a notch and think your critique would really do just that!


Jan Allsopp said...

I'd like a critique to improve my 'branding' and get direction on my products. A truly unbiased and honest opinion would be greatly appreciated. I'm overseas so a teleconference is probably out but we can do something online, surely!

Ten Digit Creations said...

Hey Timothy,
We would love for you to critique our shop! We are doing ok, but would love to learn from the best. You have given a lot to your readers and we can always learn something new! Naturally, we want to increase our sales. We believe the photos and products are great, but the marketing part isn't so great!!
Thanks for your consideration,

Prized Possessions said...
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Prized Possessions said...

Hi, Timothy! I opened my Etsy shop not quite a year ago. My sales were gradually picking up over time, but after the first of the year they really slowed down (like everything else!). I love your web sites and your jewelry and I think it's wonderful and generous of you to share your knowledge with others to help them succeed. I would really appreciate it if you would consider my Etsy shop as you choose your shops to critique! Thanks a lot!

Prized Possessions Etsy shop
Prized Possessions blog

Prized Possessions said...

Sorry. I messed up the links I tried to add (twice). Hopefully third time is charm!

Prized Possessions Etsy shop
Prized Possessions blog

elsiee said...

My shop turns 1 in June and my blog is about 60 days old, I'm pretty satisfied with what I've accomplished so far but I'm ready to take things to the next level - I think a little TAD TLC could do the trick:



Kathy Crabbe said...

Hi Timothy, I would love a critique because I value your mind, you are a great marketer and a very generous person - thanks for all your tips throughout the year!

Kathy C.

Forever Foxed said...

Hello Timothy, I would be delighted if you would consider critiquing my shop and blog. I am well aware that my designs appeal to a limited market so I would be interested in your thoughts on targeting a wider audience. Thank you.


Julie B said...

Timothy, I would be honoured to have your experienced and unbiased critque of my shop and blog. I am off to a good start with both, but am unsure of what to do with them to help increase views and sales. Thank you for generously sharing your knowledge and experience!


carmel said...

I would like a critique and new ideas for my shop so I can make it a viable business. I always read and try to implement your ideas but to have a one on one conference with you sharing your wisdom would be so much more beneficial.

Justine said...

how are you?!

id love to have a critique from you, because i feel i sometimes get lost in al the tips and help on the forum... id love to know what specificaly would be a could thing to do for my shop... you know what i mean?
well, have a nice day and i hope to hear about you soon!

Lucy said...

I would love a crit especially for my blog, its kinda random but some people love it and read it all the time, others are confused and constantly ask where its going.

SpaGoddess said...

I would love your advise. I am alwasy so busy, I feel like I just do my promo things on the fly. So far it's worked out pretty good, but I know it could be a lot better. I'd seriously value your input.


aka SpaGoddess

ArtSnark said...

Hi Tim. Great opportunity you're offering here. I create with a variety of materials & my shop has gone from Eclectic & Chaotic.

I've held back from listing my gadgets & gizmos for this reason. And am debating opening another shop for my steampunk-ish stuff. And keeping ArtSnark for 2-D and jewelry. Even if I do this, ArtSnark still needs...something..

Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated!


photoadele said...

hey tim! adding new items to my shoppe.
http://blackbird72.etsy.com when you get a chance i would love some info and tips. i've been following your blogs and taking some of your advice :) but like with all artists, we are all just projects that are never ending and forever tweaking!

grigio design said...


it'd be my great fortune if you choose me as one of the shop to critique on...

i need to know what it is i'm not doing and/or how i can improve my shop(s). thank you

Sharona R. said...


I follow much of the advice given on your blog, and still I feel I should be making a lot more sales, which means I must be doing something wrong. Since I am the leader of the Etsy Israel team, I will be able to pass your ideas on to my team members, to increase all of our sales!



Lenox Knits said...

I really value your overall knowledge including marketing, photography, and sales experience. I would love to have your opinion on how I can improve my listings for better visibility. I am also trying to improve my blog's page rank and I know you could give me some great tips on that front as well. Thanks for your consideration!
Shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5130814
Blog: http://lenoxknits.blogspot.com/

Hair Flair said...

I am scared to even post this!

I struggle in just about every aspect of my Etsy shop. It seems that the only thing I'm decent at is the creating! I have let my shop 'fall' so-to-speak; I only have 11 listings right now:(

Well, I guess you could say that I struggle with time management, too.



Thanks for any consideration,


Diana Evans said...

Hi Timothy....I left a comment in the forums...and now I am here...I would love a critique...I want my shop to be more successful!

Here is my Shopthanks for the opportunity

Studio618 said...
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Studio618 said...

Oops, I forgot to post a link to my shop - http://studio618.etsy.com. I honestly would like to know how to improve my sales and shop exposure. Thanks a million, Timothy.

Suzie's Armoire said...

I know I haven't been devoting much time to my blog (or any of the other social networking things out there) and haven't had the best luck with pictures for my items. I'm sure you could find plenty to critique with my shop -- and maybe that's what scares me. LOL!


Creativist said...

I have been doing this for a few years and know some of what I should do to increase sales but cannot enjoy full-time devotion yet. In the meantime, I would appreciate contructive criticism on my business as of this moment.

oh, hello friend. said...

I have never had my shop or blog critiqued from a professional and I really think this would be beneficial! I would love a critique since my shop will have been open for almost a year in a couple months and after so much time, it is hard to see your own shop with new and fresh perspective.

Thanks for offering this to your readers!

Shop: ohhellofriend.etsy.com
Blog: ohhellofriend.blogspot.com

- danni

Linda said...

Teleconference? I haven't got such a facility.

What I wanted to say Timothy was that I applaud your generosity. HOW do you manage to do all you do? Just wondering if you sleep, ever??

Swati Nigam said...

I'd love a critique because I want to know what I can do to improve the sales, visits and visibility of my Etsy store and my blog. I feel quite stumped. Right now I am reading through your Handmadedology and some other ebooks I downloaded for improving things :-).

My Etsy Shop: http://purpleflowerswati.etsy.com

My blog:


Winnie said...

Hullo Timothy, would love a critique of my shop and baby blog .... I always find your tips and advice incredibly valuable and would love to increase the visibility and appeal of my work and take advantage of Etsy (and online marketing's) full potential ....


mandy carroll-leiva said...

Hi Tim-
I'd like you to help me understand why I don't have many more than 20 sales! You're advice is terrific and I'd really love the opportunity to have it directed right at my Etsy shop. I take a lot of pride in every single aspect of my business and want to be successful. Your crit could really help that happen! Thanks for the opportunity to ask.

5erg said...

Would love a critique from you!
This wouldn't be just about the shop on etsy. I would love to think I am going somewhere with this, especially with art and maybe felting too.
You have done critiques before, I saw some video critiques and you have great tips for all kinds of situations. So I would imagine a critique from someone with your interest in etsy, online marketing and great taste in crafts can only be beneficial, whether it's negative or positive.

My blog: http://www.5erg.com/
My shop: http://5erg.etsy.com/

TinyBear said...

Hi Timothy
I would love to have you looking through my shop, even I know I don´t fill in the requirements, as I have only two sales :D and don´t know about the teleconference as I´m from Denmark - lol.
Could really need some advice about how increase my sales.
Thanks for doing all this - I really admire you taking the time to help others.

krystyna81 said...

I think I'm one of those people who does something one way, then never looks back...I'm always right the first time, right? Right!!!! SO if you want to check out my shop and blog, I'm open!

Ellen said...

hi tim...boy could i use some constructive criticism...because of my isolation...away from family & friends and in my small home town that i left when "leave it to beaver" was still on TV...i would appreciate a "hardnose" critique that would snap me into reality.



Eileen said...

hi tim...i would love a critique on my shop from you...i so much admire your enthusiasm and outpouring of help to us Etsy Artisans...always room for improvement and anything to help boost my sales...
thanks for this offer tim...

eileen :)

ali bali jewellery said...

I would love for you to critique my shop and my blog. I've been selling my jewellery on the internet for 10 months and have just over 60 sales across 3 shops (majority of which have been achieved this year). Obviously I'd like this to pick up! I also blog regularly and would like to understand how I can improve my blog to really make it drive more sales. My ultimate aim is to go part-time at work through my jewellery sales so I need help!!

Working full time at present, I really need to manage my time carefully and so ensure that my time spent online is giving me effective results.

Etsy shop: www.alibalijewellery.etsy.com

Mike said...

Hey Tim: I would VERY much like your help. You certainly know your stuff and I'd be happy to have your comments. I don't have a lot of items for sale...but I'm working on some things now and will have more items in the shop soon. Thanks so much!

thingsthataremade said...

I know I must be a little late on this one...but I have bee dying for a critique. I absolutely LOVE what I do, and have been doing all I can think of to make my shop the best it can be, but it still seems a bit...average...please help! I see that you know what you're doing!
Thanks for your consideration!

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