Monday, January 26

Top 10 Monday

Top 10 Monday Will be on Wednesday of the week.... due to the launch of


piccoladonna2006 said...

Hi! A blog award is waiting for you on my blog

Prized Possessions said...

Hi, Timothy! Thank you for all the tips you always give to help other online sellers! And congrats on's great!

I wanted to let you know that I made the light box featured in the tutorials you linked to some time ago. I show my new light box and some of my first photos in my blog. I certainly mention your blog as the source of all this and I've linked to your blog. You can see my blog post here.

Thanks again for all you do to help others!

cwbsartist said...

You've been so helpful to those of us who sometimes feel we are "wandering in the wilderness". I like to print out hard copies of some of your Forum selling tips and store them in my Etsy binder for future use!

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