Tuesday, January 20

Handmadeology Promo Challenge

Here is your chance to win an ad space on this blog....

There are 2 steps get in the running for one of the 5 advertising spots.

1. You must write a blog post about Handmadeology. This post must be positive and
have a link to Handmadeology.com
2. You must place one of the Handmadeology buttons on the side of your blog until Jan 26th.

^^^Those are the minimum requirements!^^^

To win you must be one of the top 5 promoters.... I will be tracking the stats through Google Analytics to see what blogs are bringing the most traffic.

You can promote on twitter, Facebook, Myspace,Etsy forums, send out e-mails anywhere..just make sure they are clicking through your blog to get to Handmadeology....
What will the top 5 promoters win..
The top 5 promoters will receive a free 150X100 ad space for 10,000 impressions. (worth $25)
Each blog post that is written (winners and non-winners) will be book marked and will see an increase in traffic to their blog. I will also be promoting each blog post on both of my Twitter channels>> @timothyadam and @handmadeology 4500+ fllowers combined.
I will also be posting links to your blog post on the Handmadeology Facebook page 436members


Here are the Handmadeology Buttons:




Just copy the html code and paste away!

Once you have completed the 2 steps... Post your blog here in a comment so i can visit your blog!
Thanks and Good Luck!


Greetingfriends said...

Wow! I would love space on this blog!

Pfeiffer Photos said...

Hi Tim...I dedicated my post for today to Handmadeology, links to same and a few items from your Etsy shop as well. Signed up for the newsletter, too. I admit, while I don't spend much time on Twitter and Facebook, I do frequent the Etsy forums and blog almost daily. Looking forward to 1.26...thanks!

Tina of Pfeiffer Photos

Jenn said...

Hi again, Tim! My post for TOMORROW is all about Handmadeology (already posted for today), and the button is already up!
You can find me at

Thanks for all the great info!

timothy said...

Hey Tina.. Make sure you stick a link in the post to handmadeology.com... so i can track the traffic! oh thanks for the awesome post!

timothy said...


Sweet! I will be sure to mark your blog post up tomorrow!

GalleriaLinda said...

Hi Tim,
I posted on my http://IndieCEO.blogspot.com blog and also included handmadeology and TimithoyAdamDesigns blog in my business blog roll.

I may post another on my jewelry blog but will let you know.

GalleriaLinda said...

OK, I couldn't stand to not do this on my jewelry blog too. Do I get to combine results for the promotion...LOL!?

You are now on:


Best wishes and we anxiously await!

Susie said...


POSTED! and i signed up for the newsletter last week. I don't know if I have the traffic to win this, but I thought I would support you anyway!

The Beading Tree said...

I can't wait! lol! Tim, I've made a blog post: http://tinyurl.com/9q52vv and put the button on my blog. I've also made a bulletin on MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/thebeadingtree
I wanted to do more on myspace, but I don't know that much about it. Then I did a couple of tweets on twitter: http://twitter.com/thebeadingtree and have posted in the promo forum: http://www.etsy.com/forums_thread.php?thread_id=5996060
You've got a great thing going here, so we need to really work hard to get the word out so that others can learn too! :)

glentwistle said...

Okay I think my blog is set.


Mike said...

Okay Tim. I'm all signed up. Check out my post at



Jan Allsopp said...

Thanks for the link Timothy! The button and post are both finished and up on my blog. Cheers,

RocketGirl said...

Hi Timothy,
I've already featured your blog and posts in a few places on my blog as you may have seen:

but will do a handmadeology one soon and comment here :)

see you on the forums!

GalleriaLinda said...

You missed my second blog in your little list going there, probably because I had two listed.



RocketGirl said...

Ok button and blog post up now :)

My blog is:



Mathea said...

Tim - blogged about your site today and the button is up! I am so excited about the site and what you are doing. Following you on twitter now too!

becca.elpy said...

I blogged about HM for my seller tips column on my blog. I hope I covered it correctly, let me know if I should edit it. Very interested to see what you've got going on there!

ali bali jewellery said...

Hi Tim... I blogged today about handmadeology. Now I'm off to do some serious promotion!!

Here is my blog.



isdesigns said...

Hello Timothy,
I am looking forward to your Handmadeology.
I signed up for the newsletter this week. I don't know if I have the traffic to win as this is still all new to me.
Great blog by the way.

CreationsByRobin said...

Looking forward to acquiring more knowledge from your experiences.

Blogged about your new site in,
http://dabblewithcrafts.blogspot.com/ and I will add another in my 2nd blog later tonight.
Thx for the opportunity and for sharing !!

Amy Lilley Designs said...

Hiya Tim...posting tomorrow...maybe later tonight...all links going to right places!!! Will feed into Facebook and Twitter...


Toni said...

Hi Tim... I can't wait for Handmadeology to launch! I blogged about it today and put up the button.




Simply Sarah's said...

What a great opportunity, thanks for making this possible for us all!

I have added a post to my blog about "handmdeolgy" my perspective at least but can't for the life of me figure out how to add a button to the side?!?!?!

Lot's of liks though....kudos!



Simply Sarah's said...

"Lots of links" sorry about that. I am not as distasteful as that typo just made me seem...so embarassing.

On a Whimsey said...

From someone in the UK this is so exciting!!!

Tim, wonderful as usual and what a clever marketing ploy;)

I have added a button and a post linking to Handmadeology http://artinthewax.blogspot.com

Heartfelt thanks!!
Pat from On A Whimsey (http://onawhimsey.etsy.com)

Gifted Designs said...

I'm so excited about the launch of Handmadeology! I've been linking to you for a while now to get people to go and see what you have to say in helping them get their shops out there...:)

Here's the link to my blog post: http://gifteddesigns.blogspot.com/2009/01/handmadeology.html

Thank you so much for everything!

storybeader said...

good morning timothy. Stroll over to Storyland - I've got a post for you to look at. Like your new chemistry bottles, too!

M.Aldito.Arte said...

I'm following you Tim!...

JennyStench said...

So in love with this blog.
Just wrote a new post talking about you and handmadeology. yay!


amanda said...


here's mine:


thanks so for your amazing tips!

Anna said...

I've posted about Handmadeology and I am really looking forward to the "classes"! I really want to get my art out there and need all the help I can get! Thanks for putting this together Tim!

storybeader said...

forgot to add my address:

Hartley said...

I posted on my blog http://hartleysoap.blogspot.com/

Katrin said...

I just posted about it on my blog. Good Luck with it!


ceejay said...

You're always an inspiration. Can't wait to check out the Handemadeology Class!

I blogged about it today, as well as adding the button to my right sidebar.

Suzbax said...

I know I am late to the game. I just started my blog and I am a brand new ArtFirer. But I visited Handmadeology today and was so impressed that I decided to get my blog going and post HM on it too.
thanks Timothy.

A rambling rose said...

Great blog and look forward to learning more then I'll put up a post - all very new to me at the moment and have signed up to Etsy but not got any further

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