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Give your Etsy Shop a PageRank Boost

Google PageRank Boost
(Revisited/Updated and Way Cooler)

Inside and outside your Etsy shop

Google Page Rank, Etsy and You (main article submitted by April )

I've seen the question so many times on the Etsy forums, "Why isn't my Etsy shop showing up in Google when I search for XYZ?"

While that is actually a very complex question, in a nutshell -- you need PageRank.

How do you get this PageRank? You need to optimize your website. This is SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Google's PageRank is the results from 1 - 10 of an algorithm that assesses how important your website is on a generally monthly basis. The kicker is that its machines making this determination. You may have heard these machines referred to as "spiders" or "robots". I prefer to think of them as spider robots merely because it amuses me. These robot spiders crawl the web hunting for in and bring it back to the Googleplex. This is known as indexing. If your information is good and full of SEO, the robot spiders will come back often and give you a higher PageRank.

If you search the web for SEO techniques you'll find plenty of them -- too many. Unfortunately, a lot of the information you'll find is either not applicable to current versions of the algorithm, spam techniques, or not applicable to Etsy. Etsy is not the same as your regular personal website and I'm not going to suggest you obtain a personal website today either. Baby steps.

Since you don't have access to the source code of your Etsy store, your SEO Options are limited. Let's make the best of what's available to you without manipulating source code.


Frankly, the most you can do here is provide good titles and descriptions and use all of your tags. When writing your titles and descriptions, think of key terms. “Key terms” in this sense simply means that you are using descriptive language.

If you were searching for items such as yours in Google, what kind of language would you use? Put yourself in the mindset of the searcher and write accordingly.

Keep in mind that Google likes change. If you relist,or renew the same items again and again, change your titles and descriptions up every once in a while. Try some slightly different verbiage and new key terms each time.

  • Insider Tip From Timothy:
Here is a little quick tip to get your Etsy shop further up in the Google search.

I have done some research and I have found the first thing that Google searches on Etsy when it sends out it's spiders is your Etsy shop Title. Click HERE to read the full tip!! This works instantly.... it is Awesome!!! Click HERE to see what other Etsians are saying about this tip!


Link, link, link! As in, get people to link to you (inbound links/ IBL). To start, use links to your Etsy store in your signature on any blogs , forums or message boards you belong to.

One of the biggest factors in boosting your rank is inbound links from sites with a high PageRank. Not only is Google more likely to index these high ranked sites quickly and repeatedly, but you're more likely to get click though traffic to your site and more people linking to you. Site click through rates (CTR), are another important factor to determining your PageRank. Inbound links from a low ranked site won't necessarily hurt you, so don’t don’t freak out on your friend for linking you from his low ranked site . Ignore reciprocal link services and engines that litter the web. These are spam and Google hates spam.

Timothy says:

A great way to boost your rank is to leave comments with your link on higher ranking blogs.

Here are a few blogs that are worth commenting on:

Do not visit these blogs to SPAM! Most of their comments are checked so your comments (SPAMS) will not be approved. so don't waste your time. Try to contribute something in their posts, react on their main ideas or add your own. (LIST brought to you by whydowork.com)

Computer Science Canada Blog




Instigartor Blog


Dawud Miracle




Randa Clay Designs


Andy Beard


I Saw Your Nanny


Talk, Don’t Run - Credit Cards


3 Minutes - Real Estate Blog


eMoms at Home


A Simple Kind Of Life


David Airey : Creative Design


Mom Gadget


Meikai - Bargain hunters


Essential Keystrokes


Geeky Speaky


Nimble Theory


Smart Divas


Pony Tail Club


Personal Development


What is? What!


Jon Lee Dot See Eh


Web Design and Development Tips


3 Day Mom


Self-Defense Blog


Brigid’s Blog


Medical Spa MD




Spoken Word Blog


My Garden : House And Style


Web Business Resource


Wtricks.com - The Blog


Rob Cubbon Freelance Graphic Desinger


Two Dog Zoo


Exploring Classical Chinese Medicine


Body Mind and Solar




Clement Nyirenda’s Blog



Some will argue that any links anywhere are a good thing, but most agree that your IBL should be “Relative”. Relative refers to the relevancy of the IBL referring you. An example of relative IBL I used in the Etsy forums…If you Etsy shop containing crocheted face scrubbies is linked to by a cage fighting website, Google is going to see that and be all “WTF?”

If you Etsy shop containing crocheted face scrubbies is linked to by Martha Stewart, Google is going to see that and be all “WORD!”

Consider how relative IBLs are before perusing them or paying to advertise.


A hyperlink (How to video) is when you use words to link

instead of graphics, or in addition to graphics. Remember, the spider robots can’t see pictures, so do not rely solely on graphics when you link to your shop. Use descriptive key terms in your hyperlinks. Creating a link to your shop that says “buy handmade crocheted face scrubbies” is going to be more valuable than a link that‘s your shop name. “Daisydoodle’s Boutique” might be the perfect shop name for you, but how the heck is Google supposed to figure out that has anything to do with handmade crocheted face scrubbies?

  • Insider tip from Timothy:

Like April said above you need to leave links that are more Google search friendly. Instead of linking just your Website name or etsy shop name.. You need to link Key words. If I make Timothy Adam designs a clickable link to my etsy shop it is redundant. Google is linking Timothy Adam Designs with my dot com. It will be more beneficial to make the clickable link say "Modern Metal Jewelry" or words that people may search to find your site.. Take a look at the pic below.. just click on it to make it bigger! Modern Metal Jewelry

The more you do this the better chance you have for Google to find your site!


Google’s main purpose is to weed out spam and garbage content and organize legitimate content. Google also carries a grudge. Even though we’re dealing with

spider robots here, they’re a lot smarter than you may think. Filling descriptions and links with nothing but irrelevant key words and trash can get you on the blacklist or “sandboxed”.


Get this through your head right now. Say it out loud… “I WILL NEVER RANK A 10”. Say it again and believe it.
You have to remember that PageRank is global compared to all other websites in the world. Etsy’s homepage has a PageRank of 7 , Ebay ranks in at 8 and Amazon has a 9. Google itself has a PageRank of 10. Those would have to be some magical face scrubbies to get results like that.

Find another shop that is doing very well and compare yourself to that. Figure out what it is that their doing right. Your ultimate goal might be a 4. That’s completely OK and likely very appropriate. In my business, I run very popular statewide real estate websites -- if I can rank a 5 I’m over the moon.

Be patient. New shops might take a while to be indexed at all and jumping and entire number is an enormous job.

Keep up with ethical SEO: write organically, be thoughtful, network for relevant IBL , DO NOT SPAM, and in time you’ll get there.

The cream always rises to the top.

(Thanks again April.....check out her etsy shop)

This is the most effective way to boost your page rank

  • Insider Tip From Timothy:
The Open Directory Project (ODP) is the largest, most comprehensive human-edited directory of the Web, with more than 4 million listings in over 590,000 categories. It is constructed and maintained by a vast, global community of volunteer editors.

Instead of fighting the explosive growth of the Internet, the Open Directory provides the means for the Internet to organize itself. As the Internet grows, so do the number of net-citizens. These citizens can each organize a small portion of the web and present it back to the rest of the population, culling out the bad and useless and keeping only the best content.

The last way to boost your Google page rank it to list your blog and etsy shop on www.dmoz.org
Google relies on this site a ton to define your page rank....check out the site and follow the steps!

Question and Answer:


StudioCherie says:
Good morning Timothy,
Is there a way to find out the most popular search terms for a product line? For
instance, do more people search for "purse" or "bag?"


TimothyAdamDesigns says:

Google Provides a wonderful tool just for that purpose... Keyword Tool. This tool allows you to search key words to see how many times they are searched. The other AWESOME feature is the Web Content search. Just type in your etsy shop or any site and Google will tell you the key words it is searching on your site... This is an amazing tool and I use it all the time!



peaseblossomstudio says:
The most basic of questions, what IS Google page rank and how do we find out what ours currently is?


TimothyAdamDesigns says:

Well your Google Page Rank was already defined above..... Enter your etsy shop or blog ulr in the box below to check out your rank!

Check Page Rank of any web site pages instantly:

This free page rank checking tool is powered by Page Rank Checker service


CrazyBliss says:
hi, tim.

does the use of caps, italics, bold, coloured or underlined text make a difference in page ranking?

looking forward to your next article. thanks, once again.

TimothyAdamDesigns says:

These things will not hurt or increase your page rank... Although I do not suggest writing in all caps.. it looks unprofessional.

akaisilks says:
hi Timothy..is it true that it is easier and faster to appear up higher in search results by updating a blog frequently (and using tags) as opposed to having a website that does not change content very often? thank you

TimothyAdamDesigns says:
Yes this is true about updating more frequently.... Google is looking for fresh material for it's spiders to eat!! Now having a more stagnant website does not mean your PR can't be high.. This will all depend on your inbound links around the web and many other factors..

sedruola says:
How important are tags to your optimization on Google? It seems to me with so many sites with so many tags, how can it help?

TimothyAdamDesigns says:
Your tags for your items in your etsy shop are only for the Etsy search... They seem to have nothing to do with your Google PageRank.. This is only my opinion that was formed by glancing at my shops page soucrce code...

GalleryJuana says:
In regards to my etsy shop, I use sections to divide my listings. Some titles are general (Collage) others are combined (Postcards/cards).

Do the section titles have anything to do with optimizing my google ranking? What kind of section title would be best?


TimothyAdamDesigns says:
I would have to say that your sections have nothing to do with your Page Rank.



I know these, but they may be helpful for others. :)

How does load time affect page rank?
How does use of Flash affect page rank?
Should I have an intro/welcome page?

This one I am unsure on. I'll give you a challenge!
Google freqently only reads a certain portion of a webpage to determine what it's about. If I have text ads running at the top of my page, will Google read the ad text FIRST, and use that to determine what my page is about? So could it read a useless ad about Viagra at top of page and determine my page on art is actually about Viagra?


TimothyAdamDesigns says:
Load time can directly effect your page rank.. Slower loading pages can result in lower page rank.

Haveing a ton of flash on your site can slow your load time, which can lower your PR.

Having a Welcome page is fine.... It is not nessary.

Last Question.... Warning this is a bit technical....
For your banners and text ads.. just make sure they are not labeled with any h tags... the spiders will be more likely to stay away from these if they are not tagged with any h tags (h1, h2......)

Sign up for my INSIDER tips and tricks click HERE
Etsy modern jewelry Twitter metal traffic tips Google


Kreated by Kelly said...

You are one thorough guy!! Thanks for the blog post. I am going to come back tomorrow and read it more in depth. Hope the rest of your week goes well!!! Kelly

Nicki Leigh said...

Timothy, thank you so much for this. I have been following your advice for a very long time now and while I have not seen a huge jump, I have had an increase in sales due to the various changes. Thank you so much for sharing as much as you have with all of us. I cannot begin to express how thankful I am for it or how much I appreciate it.


Andrea Kobayashi 小林アンドレア said...

I looked at the keyword tool and it is very interesting indeed. It gave me many ideas for text linking and tagging on my blog. It also gave me ideas for item titles in my shop, something I often struggle with. I did modify my shop title too, but I am waiting to see the update on Google.

timothy said...

thanks Kelly..


Modern Jewelry

timothy said...

you are rockin it out!! keep up the good work!


Modern Jewelry

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Timmy I am tagging you, come check out my blog for the DL!!

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Always helpful! I never think about these types of things but your blog and forum posts always remind me to!

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Kim said...

WOW! Thank you for sharing all this information! I'm too tired to digest it all right now but I'll be back tomorrow when my kids are at the sitter to really read through this. It's very cool of you to be so helpful to other struggling sellers! THANKS!

Jennifer Ladd said...

You're always so informative, but this one is making my head spin ... in a good way! So much to think about and work on. Thanks a million for your help!


Caroline said...

Thank you so much! This tells me what I really need to pay attention to. :-)

The Lone Beader said...

My Google page rank is 4.

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Anybody have a teenager they could loan me? Well, I think my PR is a 3--not too bad, I guess....
Thanks for sharing all this amazing info!

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Thank you for taking the time to write such clear and concise information to help us! You definitely have a new follower!

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Thanks, Timothy, for the wealth of information. Very helpful!

Deer Path Vintage said...

Timothy, I've used dmoz for my other website but I can't find a category that accurately reflects Vintage. It's a hodge-podge, and they seem to want specific sub-categories.
Any suggestions? Thanks, Mona

JustJaynes said...

Great tips! I just submitted one of my sites to the Open Directory! Thanks for all the work you do in helping us improve our businesses.

Contrariwise said...

I've been following SEO suggestions for a while and it definitely works.

My page rank is 4.

Linda said...

Tim, you're awesome.

I was pleasantly surprised that my Blog is a 2. Not too bad.


Amanda Conley said...

Great post. I followed your advice to change my shop title and someone actually found me from an internet search and bought something! Hurray!
Handmade Artisan Jewelry by Bijougirl Designs

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Timothy, thanks for including my question. Lots of great info to apply. I will definitely take a look at the keyword tool and dmoz.

Gallery Juana

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As usual valuable info! Here I thought I was doing so great at promoting my shop only to find out through your article that I'm not even ranked by google. I will definitely use the great tips you shared with us! Thanks Timothy!!

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Timothy - another fantastic post. I learned much and will be applying some of the changes that you suggested. Thank you so much for the help that you give everyone!

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Sheila Bocchine, Pinhole Photographer said...

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I'm awaiting the day I see the jump from a couple of views a day to 100's of views, resulting in the daily sales!


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Thanks so much for all of this. You really give some useful information, especially to those of us who have no idea what any of this stuff means to begin with. I will be checking your blog regularly!

Jewels & Dreams

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Thanks for this very useful article. I read a little about Pagerank before , your advice are easy to read and very complete .
Thank you so much .


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hi timothy,
thanks for all your work and info!
i was surprised to find my shop ranking at 2!
and my blog a 1
great news to me :)
thanks again,

The StarShine Company said...

Putting your advice into practice right now! Great article. I've been researching SEO for awhile now and I must say your articles was easy to read and easy to understand. Thanks for sharing it!


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SewDanish-Scandinavian Textile Art said...

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Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for taking your time to write and share all these wonderful articles with us out there. They are a huge help being a computer novice. :-)
I clearly has to do some work as http://www.SewDanish.etsy.com came back as N/A :-(
Rolling my sleeves up.... :-)

Judy said...

Wow! Thanks for writing this all down and explaining it so well! I'm brand new to all this, and I am going to have to read it a few more times to better understand it! I've got to say, your blog is very interesting and always so helpful! thanks again for taking all the time to create such helpful articles!


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Thank you so much for sharing all this information. I really learned a lot reading this through.

storybeader said...

thanks as always! My etsy shop page didn't even rank for the page rank!, but my blog did (3), so that made me happy.

Changed my email address, so I don't always see your posts, right away. Can we change to my new one?

Bliss Soybean Candles said...

I have been following your tips and my Etsy shop has bounced up to a 3. Still working on the blog!!!

Bliss Soy Candles

Anna said...

Ty for this info, very helpful!

KayzKreationz said...

Ok, I figured out a category for my etsy shop, but couldn't for the life of me figure out what category my blog would go in. Will have to think about that I guess. I talk a lot about my shop, but also about our ranch and wildlife management we do, etc.

tstreasures said...

Tim, thanks so much for all this information. I'm slowly going through it all and trying to take it all in but so far I think you have made it easy for me to "get". Thanks again.

amymaydesign said...

Wow Thanks Timothy, Question:
When "us" Etsy people are doing the ODP, what is the best cagegory listing for us to be in? For example I sell jewelry and clutches: how do I get both the clutches and jewelry to be in there:) What are you listed under?

Top: Shopping: Crafts: Jewelry: Thematic

Top: Shopping: Jewelry: Handcrafted

Top: Shopping: Crafts: Multiple Craft Artisans

Amanda @ www.amymaydesign.etsy.com

fenrislorsrai said...

If you want to see who is currently linking to you, use this tool. you can put in up to four addresses at a time:

it'll return results from Google/AOL/Hotbot and from Yahoo/AltaVista. Click the link and you can see WHERE the links are.

TIP: input a competitor at same time, then you can view who links to them... and see if you can get them to link to you as well!

Amor De Plata said...

I discovered my page, blog and shop rank are 3 and I'm not on DMOZ. Maybe it will go higher if I am, so thank you for the info Tim.


Mary Walilko said...

Leaving comments on blogs and forums will usually not boost your page rank with Google since most forums and blogs use the "no follow" tag for links, such as this blog does. The "no follow" tag prevents any "link juice" from getting to the outbound link. A lot of our advice is very good but this one is off. There is a free Developers Toolbar that can be downloaded and installed on the Firefox browser (also free) that clearly shows which link are blocked by the "no follow" tag. This in invaluable for SEO work.

Shelley said...

Very helpful information! Thanks Timothy! There are many things to try here.


also: samsstuff on mycraft, flickr, artfire (new account) & ravelry.
shellbell on whatthecraft

thecrochetedbaby said...

Thanks so much Timothy - I didn't know how to check the shop's page rank until I read this. I'm totally jazzed to see it's a 3!

Now to try some of your other tips to boost it - maybe a 4?? Hey - a girl can dream!! :-)


3 REXES said...

So my etsy is a 2, seems very low!

I'm off to read on. BTW, you are everywhere!


Treesa said...

Thanks so much for the info! I just finished reading a book from the library on this subject and you reinforced everything the author said AND you provided links. Looking forward to reading more. -Treesa

Bindu said...

Timothy, guess i have the bad one, when i check for the page rank, it shows up as N/A


Colleen said...

Thanks you so much for all the great info, very helpful!

Colleen said...

Thanks you so much for all the great info, very helpful!

Janice said...

Wow, what a wealth of information. Thank you so much for taking the time to help newbies like me.
I love your Etsy shop too, awesome designs!


Anonymous said...

This is great information, Timothy. Thank you so much for sharing with the masses!

Metro Retro Vintage said...

Thank you Tim! For the incredible wealth of information.

Jan Allsopp said...

OK, I got it - link, link, link. I have a question. When you leave comments on blogs with a higher page rank do you link directly to your Etsy store or to your blog (I mean you Timothy)? Leaving a comment on here or any blogger blog as a blogger member means I default to my blog link. Do you change that when you comment?

Thanks in advance and thanks for all the sharing you do here, which I only just found yesterday, but am working my way through bit by bit.

BuenoStyle said...

Thanks for sharing your wisdom - much appreciated! I share the same questions as two posts above - I cannot figure out what www.dmoz.org category I should place myself in.

I too sell vintage, hand assembled jewelry and there just does not seem to be a category that remotely reflects that.

Suggestions are appreciated. (just signed up for your newsletter, btw!)

Christi York

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for such informative information and links, Timothy! I was pleasantly surprised to find when I did search of "plantable cards" that my shop was on page 3 of that list. I tried out changing my title and it took me up two notches to the top of that page. Thanks from this (very encouraged) handmade plantable card currently residing at amomentamemory28.etsy.com !

Stefa said...

that was very helpfull, thanks

buy handmade felt and wood jewlery

Rachel said...

Thanks for this info! I'm new to etsy (about 2 months now) and my PR rating is N/A. So I need all the help I can get!!

Croska said...

I checked my rank and currently I am on 3/10,then I checked one store which is selling the similar items and I know that the lady also has a blog.I don't have a blog.
Does having a blog influence on your PageRank?Thanks,Ivana

Mattos said...

ok, I left a comment on one of the blogs, most I couldn't even wrap my head around.
I do though have a question, I checked my google rank and it was N/A, what do I need to do?

Rozzie Jewelry said...

Wow that was a lot of scrolling to get to the bottom of your comments ;) Just wanted to say how helpful your blogs have been, I have read a couple and hope that you continue writing more. Found your blog from Etsy forums, I'm a jewelry artist who uses Swarovksi, Sterling silver and Fiber like mesh and tule mostly. Most of my pieces are earrings, but I also do necklaces and rings!

~Valarie~ said...

Very helpfull posting. I wanted to say thank you. My goodness, I have been wondering why no one has found my shop on etsy. I've had my shop since mid 2007ish and it has a google page rank of n/a. No rating! lol guess that explains why. First off I changed my title from your suggestion. I have a lot of work to be done. I will be visiting often.

~ Val

Waterrose said...

Thanks for the information and reminding me about dmoz...I submitted my info a while ago and forgot to go back and check to see if it was there....and it was...woo hoo!


Tangerine Dreams said...

Whoohoo, I'm a three! Thanks for the info!

Gibscot said...

Thanks Tim, as usual this was really helpful!

Sherry at MamaDivine Designs said...

Timothy, I just got through reading about pagerank boost and everything you say makes sense. I can't wait to use some of the tools you provided. You are a wealth of information.

Thank you so much. I have bookmarked this site and will return often.

TreeBread :: Unveil Hiding Handmade Crafts & Paintings said...

I heard that dmoz is no longer accepting new submission, thought the submitURL form is still active.

Anyone has any luck submitting to dmoz recently?

Gypsy Moon Designs said...

Timothy thank you so much. I have been studying your blog for hours now trying to improve my shop.

Your sharing of your knowledge is so appreciated!


Monique Beaujon said...
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Monique said...

Thank you sooooo much for all this information, It's fantastic!!!!!

ZenDotStudio said...

So much good info here and places to check out. Couldn't get the page rank thing to work here??? Maybe I don't exist. I might just be imagining myself?

Thanks for all the work and good tips! How'd you learn all this stuff, anyway. Kinda boggles the mind.


Alysia said...

I have been trying to find info on all of this for months, I am so thankful for finding your info! I'm sure I'll read every word, and come back and read it again, and make mention of it in my blog when I have it up and running! THANK YOU!~Alysia

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Elena from

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Thanks for all the info.!!!!

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Thank you so much for taking the time to write all of this. I found out I have no available PageRank. Hmm..and my etsy shop has been open since spring of 08. Well I guess I can only go up hehe

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I stumbled across your website today and I am so thankful that I did. Thanks so much for taking the time to write great tutorials and explain everything so clearly. I really appreciate it.


Carla said...

I am learning so much for your site this week! Thanks for making it all seem so easy and for writing it up clearly! Important for those of us who need handholding! Thanks! Carla

Anna said...

Great tips!

Because someone asked about this in the comments, I would like to add is that bolded words actually do get a little more attention from spiders.

But that doesn't matter much as far as your Etsy shop goes, because html isn't allowed.

It might be useful for your own personal website, though.


Glitzer said...

I find this information extremely helpful! Thanks for the tips!


Anonymous said...

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Meredith said...

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Melissa said...

thanks so much for the help! My site at etsy unfortunately came up as a N/A... but my personal blog came up a 2! I figured that wasn't bad. I'll have to get out there about the etsy one!



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Francie Horton said...

hmmmm... I see my comment was removed without even an email or explanation. It was not intended as spam. It follows all your guidelines set forth. I apologize if it was seen that way.

I only suggested my site as an alternative to all the sites you have listed that have absolutely nothing to do with handmade, etsy, crafting, art, or anything else that most of your readers are usually interested or knowledgeable in. In other words, somewhere they could comment and really contribute while leaving their link in their signature.

I also have quite a few art book reviews on my site, some of which deal with jewelry. Imagine that. They might find something of value while networking.

FutureHeirloomDesigns said...

A lot of great information here. It can be overwhelming trying to figure all this out. Thank you for great advice.


Contemporary Handmade Jewelry

Hostess firenze said...

Nice and informative article about the topic on the pagerank boost, Thanks.

Lauren said...

Timothy, I'm new to the Etsy family - and your blog I have just stumbled on is invaluable - thanks for putting so much time and effort into putting your knowledge out there for those of us who are technologically hopeless!




Kavita said...

I'm glad I came across your blog as it gave me really good tips on helping google find my shop. I am a little confused about one thing - I have an Etsy shop and 2 URL's for it...


Which one should I be using to promote my shop? Several articles on Google page ranking mention that we can search whether our website has been indexed by Google by typing site://yourwebsite in Google.

A site: on my first URL returns my shop, however a site: on my second URL does not return anything. Doesn't the second URL just redirect to the first one so how come Google is not able to do a site lookup?

Is that a bad thing? I'm confused about which one I should be using?

Also when I do a website grader report on http://KavitaKriti.etsy.com my indexed pages comes up as N/A. That makes me think it is the same problem with the site lookup where Google does not know about my shop via the second URL.

Am I making sense?

Thanks a ton!

effe said...

You are one thorough guy!! Thanks for the blog post. I am going to come back tomorrow and read it more in depth. Hope the rest of your week goes well

Anonymous said...

Good post,,
Thanks you had already shared

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