Tuesday, November 18

Mid Week Etsy Feature

Here is the first installment of the Mid Week Etsy Feature. This week you will notice three Etsy shops and their stories of how they became Etsy sellers..

I am one who loves to hunt for curious retro & vintage jewelry, finds, furniture and decorating inspirations. I have a passion for re purposing and giving life to forgotten items and consider my etsy store, The Eclectic Curio, a"curio" full of treasures!

As a child, I always enjoyed going to thrift stores and yard sales, (basically anywhere a good deal was to be found) with my mom and grandma. Today, as a mother, I enjoy treasuring hunting with my two adult daughters.

There is just something so gratifying about finding a beautiful, funky, or curious item that has been forgotten, cleaning or tweaking it, bringing life to it again, and then be able to share it with others who look at it with the same creative eye as yourself! I never knew that one day I could make a small business out of my passion for vintage and antiques! I love having an Etsy shop and interacting with buyers and other sellers!


Always loved to be creative but never found a niche. Collage grad with MBA in business. Worked up to a VP in the operations dept of the Foreign exchange, options, money market, etc dept. Had a very optimistic future.

The Bank that I worked for merged with another, I volunteered to be redundant to get a very nice package. Same time, same thing happened to Hubby. We rented our home to a friend and left the US to travel. Became Dive masters and expected to end our 1 yr trip in the Caribbean to stay and work our dream. That was 2001.

While on live aboard dive boat in the Red Sea in Egypt, got the info of the planes crashing to the TT on 9/11. After several months and family tragedies, we came home to a tough time finding jobs. We had a beautiful little darling in the aftermath that LOVES to travel!! I have decided to leave my corporate behaviors behind and go for my artistic sights.


My friends talked me into it. seriously. I do lots of painting and shooting (photos only, nothing gets harmed) ... and my pals thought my talents could turn into a little extra pocket money for me if I opened a shop on Etsy.

Now I have full fledged Etsy addiction, need to go to Etsy Detox on the weekends and I've got a slot booked for Etsy Rehab soon.


Marcia P. said...

Great stories! Love the owls.

Always Amy said...

Hey there!

I'm kinda dropping by randomly (& kinda dropping by to hit you with my EC) to tell you about this new selling site I found. It's called ArtFire.com & you should check it out.

It's still really, really new (still in beta) but it's heading in a really good direction! They are already buying advertising online & in print magazines to bring in traffic to the site. (It's already got almost as much traffic as indiepublic.com)

It's got stats for shop views so you know where your customers are coming from! I know! Gasp! Faint! Right? hehe

& it's just $7 a month (for the first 5000 artists) to list & sell as much as you can FOREVER. $7 a month no matter what! I signed up on that alone! haha

Anyhoo, it is new so there aren't zillions of people using it (which is good & bad) but I thought you might want to take a look at it. With the ad campaign they are working on kicking in soon (or so they are saying), I think it's going to be a good place to start listing!

If you sign up, give me a yell & let me know what you think!


P.S. Great finds, Tim.

Sara LeeAnn said...

Cool, Tim. I love reading about other Etsians. :-) Great shops! How might one get in the running to share in one of your Mid Week Etsy Features? Thanks.

Creative Art and Soul said...

Terrific picks for featured sellers, Timothy. A very enjoyable read and beautiful photos.
Cheers, Kris

Go2Girl Designs by Kila said...

Great Picks. Always love to learn more about Etsy Artisans. Thank you, Timothy Adams!

Sygnet Creations said...

Great feature...

We truely enjoy reading your blog... Hence:

You have been nominated for the "Uber Amazing Blog Award"

check out our blog for more details

The EtsyFriends Team!

ThreadBeaur said...

I love the owls! They are great.
Thanks for sharing the stories with us.

Anonymous said...

Wow! thanks so much for featuring me this week!!!!! i really appreciate it!

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