Monday, November 10

Increase your Blog page views by 5%

I was browsing around on some of my favorite blogs, when I came across Lijit on Modish.

With this great search tool you can:
  • Increase searches by 2.5 - 5x
  • Engage readers and raise pageviews 5% or more
  • Grab the 30% of your audience that you're missing
  • Use search stats to improve content targeting and uncover reader intent

This is a screen shot of the over view

This shows the number of searches and what your readers are searching for.

Not only does it track your searches... it will give you stats on traffic and what readers searched to find your site.

Over in the right hand column you can try out the search tool... It is a very smooth and cool looking search.. something any blogger should have on their blog!

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Lisa ~ Knitsburgh said...

Thanks for sharing this. I'm off to check it out. I found you through Twitter, BTW

Kristen said...

Oh, nifty! I'll have to check it out.

tarable said...

Timothy, thanks for installing Lijit on your blog and giving our service a chance! We appreciate your support and the nice blog post.

If you (or any of your readers) have feedback or questions, feel free to send them my way.

I'm tara at lijit dot com.

dianem said...

Tim, You always have great advice, thanks for sharing!

smilemonsters said...

This is pretty cool. Thanks. :)


ThreadBeaur said...

This looks like a great tool for bloggers. I think I will head over there and check it out. My twitter page is up and running, and I am pleased to say I have some followers.

Pfeiffer Photos said...

Oh, yes, will be looking into this...thank you!

Ruth of Allover Art said...

Very cool! I'll check it out. Thanks!

Flax and spindle said...

Hey, thanks for that info, I made sure to bookmark it!

tinybird said...

I installed it on my blog, hopefully it will help. It seems to have slowed everything down though, but maybe this is just my work computer misbehaving.

Sedie said...

I've had an account with ligit for about a year, but I never moved it to my current and active blog. Thanks for the reminder to "use" the tools I already have.

About Me said...

So helpful! Very cool. Thank you for sharing.

Barney Moran said...

Part of allowed Search on blogs should also be the revenue the company is sharing with you, for the revenue driven ones the next step is getting transparency from companies like Lijit on their actual revenue vs. the % the Publisher may or may not get, and use of our content when we decide to use either. P.U.B. has a F.A.Q. on the Lijit issue on our .

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