Monday, September 29

What is Steampunk? (Etsy and Mtv)

What Is Steampunk? A Subculture Infiltrating Films, Music, Fashion, More

'I never really imagined [steampunk] would become mainstream,' says musician Voltaire.


The steampunk look reflects the Victorian and early Edwardian eras (roughly 1801-1910 — check out examples on The Frick Collection Web site). Corsets, gowns, frock coats and top hats are accompanied by goggles, ancillary wings, compasses and DIY accessories. Much like the extraordinary world of literature, steampunkers accept that everyday items can perform unconventional tasks. For example, a pocket watch would double as a time machine, or a compass could navigate you through the stars.

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TotusMel said...

Don't forget to search "steamteam" on etsy to find more amazing purveyors of eclectic SteamPunk goodness!

ThreadBeaur said...

I like those ties. They would make great gifts.

whimsicalpam said...

I love the creativity of Steampunk - each piece is so unique to the individual artist. Great topic!
Also, when you have time - I've been tirelessly trying to figure out how to get that email sign up, on my blog - any input would be truly appreciated.

Wenchie said...

Thanks for giving steampunk and the Etsy Steamteam some love ;)

Contrariwise said...

I wrote an article about steampunk on my blog about 6 months ago. At that time, there weren't many Etsy sellers that did steampunk.

But lately the number has exploded!

I really admire the creativity involved in the style.

ThreadBeaur said...

I just added your blog to my blog roll.

lisianblue said...

There is some awesome steampunk designs on etsy! And you have a really great blog - looks fantastic!

petapledger said...

I know of a great Steampunk online store.

I think she has closed her Etsy store, but here is her website:


SteampunkSupply said...

Great article! I've been selling watch material for about ten years and have now opened a supply shop on etsy.

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