Saturday, August 2

Boosting your Google PageRank

Check out this article about boosting your google page rank... i co-wrote this with a fellow Etsy artist.

Google PageRank Boost

inside and outside your Etsy shop

Google Page Rank, Etsy and You (main article submitted by April )

Google's PageRank is the results from 1 - 10 of an algorithm that assesses how important your website is on a generally monthly basis. The kicker is that its machines making this determination. You may have heard these machines referred to as "spiders" or "robots". I prefer to think of them as spider robots merely because it amuses me. These robot spiders crawl the web hunting for in and bring it back to the Googleplex. This is known as indexing. If your information is good....... Click HERE to read the rest of the article.


Workshopshed said...

Hi Timothy, my suggestion would be to keep your blog focused on one topic such as metal artists or metal machining having additional articles on marketting might dilute your blog and loose you readers. You could have an additional blog on that topic for very little extra effort.

timothy said...

great point.. i do have a blog dedicated to that...

ImmatureCouture said...

I don't know if I agree with the advice above. If its business related no matter if it has to do with metal artists, etsy or marketing you will be reaching your target demographic on various levels. It's all a matter of what readers you want to bring in. If you just want metal artists to be your blog readers then by all means just focus on that. However, if you want to connect more to other Etsy sellers then include a well rounded scope on your business, you and what you do. Just my two cents ;)

Tony said...

Hi Tim!

Thanks for the info on increasing your blog ranking. I went to dmoz an entered my blog url. While I was there, I also applied for an editors position with ODP.

Low and behold...I was accepted! I will be working in the following category: Arts/Crafts/Woodcraft/Pyrography. This should be an interesting and educational endeavor.

I think I have created a blog that is interesting and informative. Although I learn as I go...I think I have a good foundation. No we wait and see!

Thanks Again,


my blog:

Amy Lilley Designs said...

my 2 cents, do what ever the heck you want...for those of us who know and respect you, this post is 'normal' for you...oh wonder child of the computer


workshopshed said...

Immaturecouture makes a good point, it's all about your target demographic. If the Etsians like a widescope of topics then that's what you should put on the blog to attract them.

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