Friday, April 25

A Love For Vintage

I just found this great shop on Etsy...

Kodak Six-20 folding camera with epsilon shutter

the camera is in execlet shape and has the sutter release button on the body takes 620 film but with a simple modification to the film spool could be used on 120 film which is still available!

Canon Canonet rangefinder 35mm Camera SLR style

From the 1960's this camers takes 35mm film has a built in meter and speeds from 1 - 500 and aperture of F1.9 - F16, lens is a 45mm SE Canon.

Strange wider position on the bottom of the camera.

Comes with original case, lens hood and cap.


Linda said...

WOW! you found some oldies but goodies. excellent!

Al said...

Its a shame I can't spell! Lol, I'll have to correct a few of the item I think! Thanks for putting me on your blog, Cheers Al..

Waterrose said...

What very cool cameras. My Brother in law collects vintage cameras and uses them as well.

eyeshoot said...

Nice cameras! I've just bought an ancient Kodak Duaflex for Through the Viewfinder work. I'll be sure to have a look at that shop!

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