Monday, March 10

Vinyls For Your Toilet.....

No Way i just found the coolest thing for your toliet......

10 speed - vinyl toilet graphic
by vital

Trick out your toilet with our totally rad 10 speed vinyl decal.Approx 13" x 8.5".

Vinyl: High performance metallic gray vinyl - super easy to apply and will last for years. Includes: toilet bike decal

Will this sticker ever come off my toilet?

Absolutely! We just use a razor blade to scrape it off and some Goo-Gone (or some other adhesive remover) to get the porcelain totally clean. We've been scraping and reapplying the new designs on the same toilet, with no problems whatsoever. (if you’re applying them to painted walls, we’re not guaranteeing anything)How do I apply the stickers?Just peel off the backing paper, carefully position the sticker on your (clean) toilet, and use your library card (or a credit card or something) to press the sticker firmly down. Then peel off the adhesive paper on the front and marvel at how much better your toilet looks!

Can I put this sticker on something else?

Heck yeah! Your refrigerator, the back window of your car, the front of your washer and dryer, your bedroom wall - they're all a go. The stickers will stick to pretty much any smooth clean surface. The only caveat: If (when) you want to take it off of a painted surface, we recommend heating it with a hair dryer to soften the adhesive, and then scraping it off. It will minimize scratching. Follow that with a little adhesive remover, and you're good to go.



Anonymous said...

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Aisha said...

very cool!

FancifulFlair said...

Lol I love the idea of decorating my toilet. I think they should sell sets of eyes that you can stick on the tank in your guest bath.

That would be funny as hell!

Anna said...

This is really cool.

aMbUsH101 said...

very nice!

other designs available? can you make customized designs?

Little Lovables said...

I love this!!

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