Wednesday, March 12

88 words

Yesterday i had an interview on 88words . There is also a contest running to win this necklace click here .

Here are some awesome things from 88words Etsy shop..

A deadly little word, the first in my new Key Words collection. Sadly, ninja was nowhere to be found in the cheesy high school dictionary I have laying around. Technically, ninja should be right there, between nincompoop and ninny. (Note to self: get a REAL dictionary!)

Pendant is sterling silver, polished to a high shine, "faithful" is surrounded by a pool of shiny black Colores resin for a vintage typewriter vibe. Love it. The back of each pendant bears my 88W maker's mark, so you know you've got an original, baby.


Anonymous said...

Love her stuff!!! I can't wait to order some custom pieces from 88 :)


Anonymous said...

Love this one...

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