Monday, February 11

A is for Autism

A is for Autism Awareness Julians Necklace
by designzbylizzie

check out this necklace, and what this artist is doing for her son...awesome support!

This amazing pendant , necklace is the brain child of my 11 year old son who has Autism. So together we took his drawing and I made the piece from his idea...His words read.."Abilities,,not Disabilities" So true..His idea , he is my inspiration..The letter A measures almost an inch in a half..Hangs from a simple black cord..It says enough.Show your support for Autism and wear this proudly..Proceeds from this will go to Autism research..Each piece is hand made and finished,,His saying has been copyrighted...Can be worn by a man or woman...Made fom fine solid hand..Each piece will be custom made..for youComes on a black suede cord,,very simple,18 inches in lengthThank you for your support...Our Goal; to get the world to proudly wear Julians "A"


Anonymous said...

Tim my deepest thanks...Julian and I appreciate this so much...What we hope to the ability of believing in your self worth,,,and what anyone, disabled or not can accomplish..With much love


Amy Lilley Designs said...

Lizzie, this piece is perfect and a WONDERFUL tool to raise money for Autusm. I continue to stand w/ you in your efforts...'Abilities...Not Disabilities' is a powerful statement....I see it clearly in my son with his daily management of his Juvenile Diabetes....blessings,

Cicada Studio said...

Very wonderful in every way.

Anonymous said...

Very cool!

Anonymous said...

Lizzie is an amazing artist with an amazing son, and to know what this stands for makes it even more special.

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