Thursday, February 7

feature of the day...

Look rustic glamorous with this long 3 layer necklace!

• Gunmetal chain

• Horn Tusk

• 2 white fresh water pearls (one in the back)

• One handmade steel bead (made by TimothyAdamDesigns)

• 7 lampwork glass beads (ivory & blues)The tooth layer's chain mesures 32in (18in long).The glass bead layer's chain mesures 26in (13in long). No clasp, just slip it on!

Brelok - Necklace - 3
by neawear

i sent some of my little steel beads to neawear in Montreal, Quebec, Canada a wile back. i got a e-mail today from her asking about a custom ring tree. she then showed me the necklace with my bead...i have sold a bunch of these beads, and this is the first time i have seen them put to use......thank you.....neawear

here are the modern steel beads

round steel beads
by TimothyAdamDesigns


Nea Jewelry said...

I'm glad you like the necklace! ;)
Thanks for the feature!!

SecretMe said...

nice blog, and I love your designs,!

Keys and Memories said...

Love those steel beads :)

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