Wednesday, October 3

earn some extra money from your blog....

i just found this site and did some research.....widget bucks looks is a free and easy to earn some extra money from your blog!!!! check the link in the right column!!!



industria said...

Tim, you are a busy man. Looking good here.

What a good idea the widget bucks are. I just signed up, and am still trying to set up my blog.

haha I picked cameras too! What a COPYCAT! Anyway, I figured it was something artistic types might actually be interested in. I think I may add movies too.

My blog:

This last weekend, I bought my domain name, and put up the beginnings of a little portfolio:

The best,

Michelle said...

Thanks for the tip! I too have cameras, but I used the Merchsense, so that may change.

I will click on yours if you click on mine. ;-)

Christine said...

Thanks for the tip! I'll definitely look into it. Cameras would make perfect sense. ^_^

Thank you.

Samantha said...

what link? Ack I can't see it!

Nice blog, BTW.

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