Sunday, September 23

rings of the week.....9.24

"Every stepping stone you climb,makes spirit and heart grow strong"Hand fabricated sterling silver width 8mm and ring size 7.

With this ring I am returning to my roots as a wireworker (thus DownToTheWireDesigns). This ring features four sterling wire rings spaced apart and held together by wires soldered across perpendicularly. This is a perfect example of a design where the whole is more than just the sum of its parts. This ring is very sturdy even though the thickest wire used is a mere 16 gauge.I called this ring "Bound" after the Japanese rock sculptures, where rocks are tied up and sometimes together with strips of bamboo caning. I made this with the thought of selling it but was immediately tempted to keep it for myself. It has a very industrial design that can easily be worn by either a man or a woman.

Hollow dome ring of sterling silver with 3 18kt gold balls set inside.Matte finish.

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Anonymous said...

Your dome ring is very interesting, have never seen another like it. Good job.

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