Tuesday, August 28

Lucky Girl Trading Co...Review/Critique

This Critique is very similar to the last critique....please bear with me they are getting better with time~~

first: lets start at the top....your banner looks a great!

second: your shop announcement is perfect...not to long!

Items: first: you have so many items!! i love it! great job.

second: ok..tags...i have to make sure you use all 14 tags. this is very important. Here is my little trick i use: make your shop name a tag...it helps!

third: use all 5 pictures...it seem like overkill sometimes, but the pics are what sell the item. also i would invest in a lightbox, and a better camera. you have had a great number of sales, but improving you pics will put you over the top..for sure!


,.,.,....so lets drive some traffic to your shop!!

***First...don't go a single day without renewing an item....this brings your item to the top of the list in the search. it will cost you $.20 but it is worth it..find out what item gets the most views and renew it everyday. the best time to renew is at noon and after 5pm

*** Heart every shop...i have over 2700 hearts. i like to heart new shops cause newbies like to buy things to get some feedback...this will get you noticed more around the community.

**** be as active in the forums...when i first started i was nuts...i have posted in over 2800 threads....it works trust me...when you think it doesn't it does.

**** try some sales...there is always a sns running on Saturday nights in the forum.

*** your blog is looking great!...i see you have been reading my tips!! haha

and you are rocking it out with ec...awesome!


Bearablecandy said...

Great review! Tips like these are priceless.

countrycandlesnsoaps.etsy.com said...

These reviews are great! Hope you can review my shop soon!!

Do Mosaics said...

Another great review. All of these tips are great -whether it be something new or a good refresher of things from your shop . THe basics are sometimes forgotten the fastest.

Kathy of hattrickclothing said...

Good tips about getting more traffic to your shop. Thanks!

magyarbeader said...

Informative review! I will use some of your suggestions right away too. Looking forward to many more.

Sara Libbey said...

This is such great advice... I am implimenting right now!

chitowncheryl said...

Very relevant critique! Great tips!

Glassprimitif said...

Interesting tips - I'm not so sure about hearting hundreds of shops - isn't that just "gang banging"?

Anonymous said...

nice review. wish i had all day to follow tip and get my shop in better shape. thanks for the info

ArizonaSkies said...

Great review, I need to take another look at my shop.

Anonymous said...

Great tips. I do renew every day, but I've just been going down the list of expiration dates and choosing at random. What you said about renewing the items with the most views, makes alot of sense. I never thought of it that way. Thank you.

Also, I have to get better about blogging. I just can't seem to find the time.

danidesgns said...

Sorry so late with my comment. But it's great! Just have to have positive thinking and follow all the great tips which you have provided!

CarolynArtist said...

Thanks Tim, so true! I try to keep my items above 30 and then I seem to sell. I like your idea of having a range of items, mine are very affordable to "luxury" ...its hard to keep up but dude I'm working hard at it! Looking forward to the new book!!!

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