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This week we are looking at JuicieJulz.

here it goes..

first: lets start at the top....Your banner is fits the stlye of your shop. For your avatar i would try using one of your will show off more of what you offer.

second: your shop announcement is perfect...long announcements are never good.

Third: Profile...tell a little more about yourself. it doesn't have to be much...just enough to tell your buyers you are human...


first: You have a great number of items...more than me ..haha! it is really important to have a good mix for your customers to pick from.

second: great job on the tags...I see you put your shop name as one of your tags. But you need to use all 14 tags every time. when you don't use all 14 that lowers the search possibilities for that item.

third: Your pictures look great, but you need to use all 5 seem like overkill sometimes, but the pics are what sell the item.

lets drive some traffic to your shop!!

***First...don't go a single day without renewing an item....this brings your item to the top of the list in the search. it will cost you $.20 but it is worth it..find out what item gets the most views and renew it everyday. the best time to renew is at noon and after 5pm

*** Heart every shop...i have over2800 hearts. i like to heart new shops cause newbies like to buy things to get some feedback...this will get you noticed more around the community.

**** be as active in the forums...when i first started i was nuts...i have posted in over 3000 works trust me...when you think it doesn't it does.

**** try some sales...there is always a sns running on saturday nights in the forum. You already have free shipping which is great.

**** Try looking through some treasuries, and leaving comments. And if it is possible tey grabbing a treasury of your own.

**** if you don't have a blog get one...and read my tips!! haha

**** the last tip i have for traffic is a little plug for The Handbook to Handmade.

With 175 etsy artists featured in 5 volumes, the handbook to handmade is a small cut of very talented artists from around the world.

"the handbook to handmade" is a monthly volume of 35 ETSY artists and their shops...this is a promotional tool that is used to help promote artists and etsy. the first volume was a success, with a great mix of artists from 35 different cities from around the world.

now it is time for volume 6:


The handbook to handmade vol 6
official blog:


Anonymous said...

TinkersTrinkets says: All of your critiques of the latest Etsy shop seem reasonable, doable and necessary. I don't understand the need for establishing a 'blog', however. 'Etsy members who maintain blogs do NOT seem to be in agreement regarding their effectiveness in bringing attention to their Etsy shops.

Glassprimitif said...

Hmmm. Good point about blogs but I think it depends on the type of blog you have. I blog about how I make my products and I think (although it is hard to measure) that this drives traffic to my shop. I have lopts of visuals on my blog and less looooong written entries.

The UrbanTeam said...

i agree with the critique... the shops has a nice overall consistent feel...i especially agree with the banner, i would assume it had to do with ephemera or paper goods without the jewelry pics... as for tags, in materials sometimes there are only so many tags you can use before lying, or is there a clever way i haven't thought about?
p.s. would love my shop to be critiqued as well :) and my destash shop

great initiative, just discovered your blog recently and love it!

Jo Bradford said...
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Jo Bradford said...

great list of pointers - I have applied this to my own shop and see I have areas I need to make changes in.

As for the blog - I started one last week and have no idea whether it drives traffic to my shop as I don't know who is looking at my blog.... I need to do more homework I think

I guess if I was doing my utmost to promote traffic to my blog I should provide a link to it...

Susanclare said...

I've never really taken item views too seriously...think I will starting now! :) Susan

Gail said...

Hi Timothy! Thanks so much for the great critique. I've been busy working on all of the changes that you've suggested. I do have a blog and have been using your tips to make it better. If you want to have a boo at it it's here:
I'm new to all of this stuff and I really appreciate you taking the time to do this!


cassandra russell said...

Great critique Timothy! I will jump in from where you left and begin by saying that I have been a recent etsy shop jewelry connoisseur. my husband is starting to get suspicious about the steady stream of small packages that keep arriving. Point being I have been to a good number of jewelry shops on etsy and after awhile they do begin the all blur together. I believe that jewelry shops especially should do something to make themselves stand out. I think Juicie Julz has been successful in creating a unique feel for her banner and photo backgrounds. She has a catchy name that I know I will remember. The over all feel of the store is romantic vintage which really appeals to me.

Now for the suggestions. I want to start by saying that we all need constructive feedback and aren't we lucky to have this venue to receive it. Try: Revamping your banner so the woman's chin is not cut off.
The product photos are great but need to be lightened up a little in a photo editing program to eliminate the shadows. Experiment with your lighting. I sometimes use the overhead light from my stove to photograph well lit still lifes.

Next, I see Juicie Julz has changed her avatar already, but I believe it still needs improvement. This is why in a shameless attempt to get Tim to critque my shop next, I have made Juicie Julz a brand new avatar which you all can see on my blog:) Juice Julz is welcome to save it for use free of charge in the spirit of improving our shops.
My Blog:

Also I will take this attempt to plug Tim's current book - Vol 6- which I will be a part of. It's great exposure and a tool to teach others about etsy.

Best of luck to all, Cassandra

gail said...

Love your comments Cassandra!!! lol Thanks for the suggestions. I will get to them as soon as I can. And thanks so much for the lovely avatar. It's going to be added shortly!

I've been struggling with photos since I first started on Etsy. The ones in my shop now are better than what was there before. I've tried all kinds of lighting, bulbs, techniques but I couldn't get a decent photo. The only thing that I didn't try was the stove light!!! Fabulous idea Cassandra. Thanks!

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