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curly girl glass

curlygirlglass's shop

1.who inspired you to start creating jewerly?Actually, I did. I was doing larger stained glass pieces and wanted to try making wearable stained glass. I started making stained glass earrings, took a wire class to incorporate it into my work and it's really taken off from there. Since joining Etsy, I have been constantly inspired by the other artists here; not only in the amazing talents, but in seeing what is possible - and seemingly impossible! - and feeling pushed to improve my design and quality.

2.why do you love metal?Metal offers so many different possibilities. It can be hard, soft, flat, organic, shiny, matte, colored, alone or mixed with other materials. Being a self-taught metalsmith, I only see continuing to learn new materials, techniques and design - and I really enjoy learning new stuff. I think metal will allow me to develop as an artist for long time.

3.why do you love etsy?Etsy has changed my life. Really. I now think of myself as a jewelry maker. I have exposure both as a seller and buyer to people from all over the world. As a seller, I would never have the opportunity to sell internationally or even across the US if I were just selling at local craft fairs or in shops. This is huge. As a buyer and fairly new metalsmith, I see artist's works from all over and can see what others are creating. It's like going to the greatest handcrafted museum in the world. In addition, Etsy is a great community. Whether it's to promote something new I've made, get information (a bottomless source for any sort of info!), or just tell someone about my day, I can log on to the forums any time there is always someone there. Sometimes it can feel like I'm creating in a void - sitting alone in my studio or at my computer - and Etsy has given me a supportive community to work within.

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